Wordz ft MashBeatz & Sleazy – Birdz + Rap on My Shoulders [Video]

Wordz Rap on My Shoulders Video Download

Wordz Rap on My Shoulders Video Mp4 Download

Emerging as a force in the hip-hop scene, Wordz has just dropped an electrifying two-in-one music video for his tracks “Birdz” and “Rap on My Shoulders,” featuring the talents of MashBeatz and Sleazy. This release is a part of the highly anticipated “People Forget to Be People Deluxe Album.”

The video seamlessly blends the distinct energies of both tracks, offering fans a unique visual experience. “Birdz” showcases Wordz’s lyrical prowess and vivid storytelling, set against a backdrop of compelling visuals that capture the essence of the track. The transition to “Rap on My Shoulders” is smooth yet impactful, with Sleazy’s dynamic beats and MashBeatz’s production skills coming to the forefront, highlighting the collaborative spirit of the album.

Fans of Wordz will not be disappointed as this music video elevates the auditory experience of these songs to a new level. The dual video concept is not just a treat for the eyes but also a testament to Wordz’s artistic vision and versatility. The “People Forget to Be People Deluxe Album” is shaping up to be a milestone in his career, and these tracks are just a glimpse of what’s in store.

Watch & Download below:-

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