Pdot O – Siphelele :Book I [Album]

Pdot O – Siphelele :Book I [Album]

Pdot O Siphelele Book I Album Download

In an era where hip-hop seems to constantly evolve, South African lyrical maestro Pdot O has gifted the music scene with a groundbreaking project, “Siphelele: Book I“, marking a significant moment in 2024’s hip-hop landscape. This album is not just a collection of songs but a narrative journey, woven with the threads of Pdot O’s masterful lyricism and the rich tapestry of South African musical heritage.

Spanning over sixteen tracks, “Siphelele: Book I” is a robust project that features a stellar lineup of collaborators, each adding their unique essence to the album. Among the featured artists are Touchline, known for his poignant storytelling; Tae Africa, bringing his vibrant energy; and Harmony Skade, lending her soulful melodies. The album also sees contributions from Lolli Native, Jay Jody, Ntate Stunna, and Blow Lepara, further enriching its diverse soundscape.

Adding to the mix are Ami Faku’s enchanting vocals, Aone King’s dynamic verses, Tasha HendrixX’s compelling narratives, and CeaZorbantu’s lyrical prowess. Flash Ikumkani, BhutLegend, and Khaya DoomAKU also make appearances, each delivering performances that underscore the depth and breadth of talent in the South African hip-hop scene.


1. DOWNLOAD MP3: Pdot O – Lungelwa’s Lullaby (Intro)

2. DOWNLOAD MP3: Pdot O – Many Are Called

3. DOWNLOAD MP3: Pdot O – Immortal (Leave Me Alone)

4. DOWNLOAD MP3: Pdot O ft Khaya DoomAKU – Doom’s Day

5. DOWNLOAD MP3: Pdot O ft Flash Ikumkani & BhutLegend – Live & Let Live

6. DOWNLOAD MP3: Pdot O ft Ntate Stunna & Blow Lepara – Black Magic

7. DOWNLOAD MP3: Pdot O ft Ami Faku – Hope Is Not For Sale

8. DOWNLOAD MP3: Pdot O ft Aone King – Far Cry

9. DOWNLOAD MP3: Pdot O ft Tasha HendrixX – Warmest Regards

10. DOWNLOAD MP3: Pdot O ft CeaZorbantu – Over & Over

11. DOWNLOAD MP3: Pdot O ft Jay Jody – Control

12. DOWNLOAD MP3: Pdot O ft Lolli Native – Grey Skies

13. DOWNLOAD MP3: Pdot O – Fear

14. DOWNLOAD MP3: Pdot O ft Harmony Skade – Not Eazy

15. DOWNLOAD MP3: Pdot O – Cradle to the Grave

16. DOWNLOAD MP3: Pdot O ft Touchline & Tae Africa – Tell Me

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