EP: YoungstaCPT & RAF DON – You Know the Drill

EP: YoungstaCPT & RAF DON – You Know the Drill


YoungstaCPT You Know the Drill EP Download

YoungstaCPT and RAF DON have just dropped a compelling new Hip Hop project that’s setting the scene alight. Titled “You Know the Drill”, this EP is a masterclass in lyrical finesse and musical innovation, showcasing the distinct talents of both artists. Comprising six meticulously crafted tracks, the project is a must-listen for Hip Hop aficionados and newcomers alike.

The collaboration between YoungstaCPT, known for his vivid storytelling and profound lyrical prowess, and RAF DON, celebrated for his dynamic production and versatile flows, makes for an explosive mix of talent. Their EP, “You Know the Drill,” is a testament to their synergy, blending hard-hitting beats with thought-provoking lyrics.

For fans eager to dive deep into the latest and greatest in Hip Hop, “You Know the Drill” promises to be a seminal project in 2024. From the gritty beats to the razor-sharp verses, each track offers a unique insight into the artists’ perspectives, making it a compelling addition to any music lover’s playlist. Don’t miss out on this landmark release from YoungstaCPT and RAF DON—a duo that’s clearly on its way to dominating the Hip Hop charts.


1. DOWNLOAD MP3: YoungstaCPT & RAF DON – Beginning of the End

2. DOWNLOAD MP3: YoungstaCPT & RAF DON – Bon Appétit

3. DOWNLOAD MP3: YoungstaCPT & RAF DON – Tip Drilling (Bundasliga)

4. DOWNLOAD MP3: YoungstaCPT & RAF DON – French Kiss

5. DOWNLOAD MP3: YoungstaCPT & RAF DON – Pagans

6. DOWNLOAD MP3: YoungstaCPT & RAF DON – Xenophobia

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