ALBUM: DrummeRTee924 – Dark Fader

ALBUM: DrummeRTee924 – Dark Fader

DrummeRTee924 – Dark Fader Zip Album Download.

In an explosive entry that’s quickly becoming the soundtrack of South Africa, DrummeRTee924 has dropped a sensational hit that’s setting the music scene ablaze. His latest masterpiece, titled “Dark Fader,” is not just a song; it’s a phenomenon sweeping through the streets and clubs of SA, amassing an incredible number of listeners and sparking conversations across the board.

Crafted with the unique blend of beats and rhythms that DrummeRTee924 is renowned for, “Dark Fader” showcases his unparalleled ability to fuse traditional sounds with modern beats, creating a tune that’s irresistibly catchy yet profoundly deep. This release has not only solidified his position as a trailblazer in the music industry but also as a voice of the contemporary South African experience.

Listeners and critics alike have been quick to praise “Dark Fader,” with many heralding it as a turning point in SA music. Its rapid climb in viewership and the buzz it has generated on social media platforms underscore the track’s widespread appeal and DrummeRTee924‘s growing influence.

Tracklist Below:

  1. DrummeRTee924 – Murife Don’t Run
  2. DrummeRTee924 – Ivale Mfana (Ftm Drugger Boyz)
  3. DrummeRTee924 – Manje Clean (Ft. DajiggySA, Six Major And Drugger Boyz)
  4. DrummeRTee924 – Bass Drums 2,0 
  5. DrummeRTee924 – Mah Weh
  6. DrummeRTee924 – Is Can’t Be (Ngeke)
  7. DrummeRTee924 – Haunted Drums
  8. DrummeRTee924 – Clap Clap
  9. DrummeRTee924 – 442 Formation
  10. DrummeRTee924 – Drum Effects
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