ALBUM: Dr Thulz – Tonic Solfa

ALBUM: Dr Thulz – Tonic Solfa

Dr Thulz Tonic Solfa Album Mp3 zip Download

The music scene is witnessing a mesmerizing revolution with the release of Dr. Thulz’s new album, “Tonic Solfa.” This masterpiece stands as a beacon of innovation in the world of music, intertwining traditional harmonies with contemporary beats. Dr. Thulz, a virtuoso in the realm of music production and composition, embarks listeners on a journey through soundscapes that are both enchanting and profoundly moving.

Tonic Solfa” is not just an album; it’s a musical odyssey that showcases Dr. Thulz‘s adeptness in blending genres, creating a unique sound that resonates with both the young and the old. Each track is meticulously crafted, featuring a mix of instrumental prowess and vocal excellence that captivates the soul.

For aficionados of music looking to explore new auditory realms, “Tonic Solfa” by Dr. Thulz offers a refreshing escape. The album is available across all major streaming platforms, ensuring that the sublime harmonies reach every corner of the globe. Dive into the world of Dr. Thulz and experience the power of music in its most refined form.


  1. Dr Thulz, MalumNator & Afriikan Papi – Something About You
  2. Dr Thulz & Leandra.Vert – Bawo
  3. Dr Thulz & Yallunder – Kuyabanda (feat. KMJ-Cornetist)
  4. Dr Thulz – Fly (feat. Xoliswa Mayekane)
  5. Dr Thulz & LastButton – Zimbi’ Indaa (feat. FKA Mose & Zuzu Key)
  6. Dr Thulz & Stu – Nguwe (feat. Khanya De Vocalist)
  7. Dr Thulz & Toss – Lit
  8. Dr Thulz & Kemy Chienda – Ngeke (feat. CPHO)
  9. Dr Thulz & DBN Gogo – Sophie Matandana
  10. Dr Thulz, Kwiish SA & Soula – Ngithanda Wena (feat. Jay Sax)
  11. Dr Thulz & Stakev – Rekere 18.1
  12. Dr Thulz & CPHO – Utshwala (feat. Siya Shezi)
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