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W4DE Bounce EP Download

In a thrilling development for fans of dance music, the South African sensation, W4DE, has just unveiled his latest project, a pulsating collection titled “Bounce.” This eagerly awaited release comprises seven tracks that are sure to ignite dance floors across the globe.

W4DE has been known for its electrifying beats and innovative soundscapes, and “Bounce” is no exception. The project boasts a stellar lineup of collaborations, featuring talents like DJ Seeyah SA, Dutch, Rivalz, malume, hypeman, Al Xapo, and KIING 911, among others. These collaborations blend seamlessly to create a diverse and vibrant auditory experience.

For those seeking the ultimate soundtrack to their nightlife or simply looking to dive into high-energy beats, “Bounce” promises an immersive journey. Each track on the album showcases W4DE‘s ability to fuse traditional dance rhythms with contemporary sounds, making it a must-listen for aficionados and newcomers alike.


1. DOWNLOAD MP3: W4DE & Rivalz – Bounce 22

2. DOWNLOAD MP3: W4DE & malume.hypeman – Bounce 44

3. DOWNLOAD MP3: W4DE & Al Xapo – Bounce 66 (Olé)

4. DOWNLOAD MP3: W4DE, Al Xapo & Rivalz ft DJ Seeyah SA – Bounce 78

5. DOWNLOAD MP3: W4DE & KIING 911 ft Dutch – Bounce 88

6. DOWNLOAD MP3: W4DE – Bounce 99

7. DOWNLOAD MP3: W4DE – Mighty Bounce

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